Gluten Free Tweet Diary

Gluten Free Tweet Diary

Hi there,

I’m currently doing a PhD, where I study how we as Coeliacs, or people with Gluten-related intollerances, (or as people living with or looking after some on a gluten free diet), tweet about how we manage being gluten free.  As a diagnosed Coeliac, I have found Twitter a really valuable support system for sharing info about new gluten free products, where to eat out, coping with symptoms of being glutened, and just the everyday ups and downs of following the gluten free diet.

Within this context, I would like to understand how we as a community use Twitter, and am proposing a week long Twitter conversation, where people share their everyday experiences by using certain hashtags, this will hopefully show how awesome we are as a community at supporting each other and engaging with the gluten free diet.

Start: The Tweet Diary will start on Tuesday 20th May, from 9am , and will run for 1 whole week, until

End: Tuesday 27th May, 10pm


Please feel free to tweet as usual about your lives, I only ask that when you do tweet about anything to do with eating, buying, or searching for gluten free food, you use the hashtags:

  • #gfeatout or #gfhome for eating out or eating at home
  • #gfopinion when you’re talking about your views any gluten free food that you have tried
  • #gfquestion if you have any queries about ingredients on new products, where to dine, or if you’re helping others
  • #gfannoyed if you experience any frustrations with the gluten free diet or other people’s attitude to it
  • #cdglutened or #cdsymptoms when Tweeting about any symptoms from eating gluten, being cross-contaminated, or even going through diagnosis
  • If you fancy taking a photo of your food, or a nice place/experience you’ve found, that’s awesome too (plus any blog posts or articles you might want to share)

No worries if you don’t use all of them, or only a few – this is really just to get an idea of how we manage our lives on the gluten free diet.  I will be using the same hashtags too, so do feel free to check my Twitter feed for any examples.

That’s it for the guidelines – but do tweet me, or drop me a line by replying to this post (see box below).

How will I use your data?

I will create some data visualitions like the ones below, to show the rate of postive and negative experiences of the gluten free diet, and write about your anonymised exeperiences in my final dissertation. The only locational data used will be of whether you live in the UK or the USA – no other identifying data will be used. All data will be stripped of usernames and profile info to keep your identities private.

Do let me know if you’d like still like to take part in this Gluten Free Tweet Diary (even if the party has already started, any input is gold). You can reply to this post (see box below), or Tweeting me at @DigitalCoeliac

Many thanks!





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  2. Erin Smith

    What an interesting project. I would definitely be interested in learning more and participating if I can! I’m based in New York City.

    I tweet at:

    1. Sam Martin

      Erin, thank-you so much – it would be great to have you take part (!) I will add you to the list, and be in touch soon with some more information.


  3. Sam Stone


    Would be glad to help! Doing a phd myself and understand how hard it is to find volunteers! I am currently gluten intolerant, living in the UK but originally from Boston, MA. Let me know how I can help!

    1. Sam Martin

      Hi Sam,

      Thanks so much for offering to help, and so good to meet another gluten free Sam too! Can you please share a link to your Twitter account? I’ll add you to the list, and will be in touch soon with some more info.

      Have a lovely weekend!

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